4D Eye Massager

4D Eye Massager

4D Eye Massager

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In today's world, almost everyone has some sort of digital device that they use on a daily basis. On average most people stare at a digital screen for 6 hours a day and this can create significant eye and brain problems resulting in a list of symptoms. But why should we allow ourselves to deal with these issues on a daily basis and compromise our health and well-being?

The 4D Eye Massager is designed to revolutionize your life & well-being. Air compression, heat therapy, and vibration therapy together stimulate your eye muscles, relieve strain or fatigue, eliminate puffiness or dark circles, stress, and are proven to minimize the appearance of migraines, and headaches by over 86%.

The massager works by allowing more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to be delivered to your eyes and brain. The perfect At-Home solution for: 

  • Migraines, Sinus Pressure & Headaches 
  • Dy & Tired Eyes
  • Insomnia & Excessive Brain Activity 
  • Stress & Anxiety 
  • Eye Bags & Dark Under-Eye Cycles


Did you know that the most common cause of eye strain is the extended use of computers and other digital devices? The more time that we spend on these devices, the more prone we are to eye strain and fatigue. This is why it is important to stay on track of our health and well-being, and prevent these kinds of issues from getting any worse than they are. By using the combination of air compression, heat, and vibration, the 4D Hand Massager stimulates the eyes comfortably and promotes better circulation for our stiff eye muscles. A gradient approach is used - with 15 minutes a day for 4 weeks, 4D Eye Massager users have reported an immense decrease in eye strain, fatigue, puffiness, and dark circles.

Gentle Heat Therapy - helps promote blood circulation and ease soreness, fatigue, and puffiness of the eyes. Temperature reaches 42° C / 107° F.

Built-in Air Compression - presses the 9 pressure points around the eyes and the temples to help relieve strain and fatigue.

Vibration Therapy - high frequency vibration at about 60-80 times per second, allowing to reproduce the eye's vitality.

Bluetooth for Music and Calls - has a built-in speaker that comes with pre-recorded nature sounds to enhance relaxation. It can also be used to play your personal music or to pick up calls while using your massager.

Compact and Portable - it is capable of folding to a full 180°, making the eye massager the size of a phone. Ideal for those of us who are constantly on the go.

Five Intelligent Modes - includes 5 different modes that you can easily choose from with a single click: Automatic, Power, Mitigation, Sleep, and Eye Protection (5 modes explained under the "how does it work?" section).




1. The 4D Eye Massager targets the 9 pressure points around the eyes with its built-in air compression feature (inflates and deflates in a sequence) to soothe the eyes.

2. It is combined with a heating feature that helps increase circulation within the eyes, allowing more blood, oxygen, and nutrients in. Warning: Stay away from heat if you have an acute injury or are having a flare.

3. The 4D Eye Massager also includes a multi-frequency vibration feature (60-80 jitters per second), allowing it to reproduce the eye's vitality and eliminating fatigue.

    Product Information:

    • Material: Polyurethane
    • Size: 8.66 x 6 x 4 in. / 22 x 15 x 10 cm.
    • Weight: 280g
    • Vibration Frequency: 60-80 times per second
    • Heating Temperature: 42° C / 107° F
    • Batteries: 1 Lithium Battery (included)
    • Power supply mode: USB charging


    Package Includes:

    • 1 x 4D Eye Massager


    Note: DO not overuse, if there is any adverse reaction, it is recommended to stop using it immediately. Insufficient current, timely charging, to avoid affecting product life. Do not disassemble or repair the product yourself. Keep out of reach of children.


    Maintenance and cleaning: If the appearance of the product is dirty, clean it with a dry cloth or paper towel. Do not use detergent. Do not wash it.


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